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T-shirts should be made in the same vein as I ❤ New York etc.

All because Hagupit decided to linger around long enough to get a day off of work for us.

So we travelled to Kowloon and looked around a computer mall and had lunch in an Irish pub and celebrated the ghost of Oktoberfest (which we had been to two year running in Germany) with a pint of Lowenbrau although not as big as at Oktoberfest.

We were caught in heavy rains walking the streets but its all part of the lifestyle. I don’t like the look of other weather systems forming out over the ocean though. We are flying on Saturday to relaxation city. Stay away typhoons!

Other updates from our apartment:

No hot water in bathroom, gas people coming tomorrow.

New DVD player purchased and working. Which is a miracle really after the messing around I’ve had to do with the tv and various other devices.

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