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Back to work…

…after the long weekend. Always hard to do but gotta be done. Nice of the tech teacher to call in sick so I could cover her classes.

No pictures in this update but I should have brought the camera with me tonight as my pal Jeff took me to a few local eateries.

First stop was a place with no English characters on the outside so I can’t garnish you with the name. They sell snake soup. I didn’t have any although Jeff’s friend gladly offered me some of his….maybe later on in my culinary expedition of Honkers, buddy. I stuck with barbecued pork with boiled rice in a little bowl and I didn’t even embarrass myself with my chopstick retardation. Looking around the eatery I saw large bottles of strange coloured substances (which I will guess is snakes’ bile or something exotic like that) and a couple of jars of pickled lizards. Yes this was local although they did have a small translation of stuff on a menu in English so I will venture back on my own at stages. They also seem to give you nice free glasses of earthy, soil flavoured tea which is actually very nice.

After that we wandered to another local eatery which smelled horrible, a mixture of tofu and fish and forgotten dreams. We were there for dessert though and the specialty here was tofu dessert. It came in a bowl and it looked like milk that was left out in the sun for 10 years. It actually tasted ok but I wouldn’t cross the plains of the Sahara to grab a bowl and gobble it down again.

University Course status: DHL have the project now! After many stressful moments that are too banal to go into here. Now all I have to worry about is whether it was good or not and I gotta start studying for my written exam in October.  Giddy Up.

Oh I will leave you with a photo my mate, Rob, took in Stanley of a very hot dog. Heh heh poor guy I don’t know how the dogs here survive here with all that hair. Oh wait….

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