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Chasing the dragon!

University Course Status: 3 pages down, probably 8 more to go. Graaaghhhh!

Anyway just like that weird Memento movie I will go backwards from today back to Friday so that the very funny title of this blog entry makes sense.
This long weekend is all about the Mid-Autumn festival which involves the moon (which made an appearance tonight in a clear sky), a rabbit, some girl and it all gets very confusing very quickly.Some guy working in Starbucks tried to tell me the story, let’s just say I looked interested. At the end of the day, Westerners have the man in the moon and Asia have the woman. Equality exists on the moon, right on.
So we walked through our local park where a so-called carnival was taking place. In fact it was a couple of displays of lights and lanterns and we quickly moved on to an area where the dragon was going to be set on fire and paraded around.

The “Carnival” entrance.

Lights and lanterns in Victoria Park.

So a quick walk later and we were getting our eyes stung and clothes embibed with incense from a 200-metre long Dragon. Pretty impressive and exciting for everyone but we saw it do its thing and left soon after as the heat was crazy. Enjoy the pics and vids in the comfort of your climate controlled room.

Last night Sharyn and I met up with our friends Sam and Laura and met up with old work pals Michelle and Kelsey. Nice seeing familiar faces again. We had some drinks and shared our reports on our new schools.

The old ISD troupe.

And back on Friday we went out with a bunch of work mates, which is rare so it was good to get out with them as they are a nice bunch of people. We went to Cinta J. a Filipino restaurant which has a live band on crooning bizarre 80s one hit wonders. Food was ok, beer was fine and we pretended it was our pal Jeff’s birthday and they dragged him up on stage to down a tequila shot. Good sport!

Sharyn’s Filipino Schlop.

The Filipino food was a good taster of what we are to expect in October because our first Asian holiday is to Cebu in the Philippines. Looking forward to 5 days of relaxation, food, drink and hopefully nice weather.

Which brings us to now, it is 11pm and I’m writing this as it is more interesting than University work. We have tomorrow off of work and I will spend every waking hour typing crap about bilingual children and the factors that effect their acquisition of the minor language. Sounds fun yeah?! I’d rather all of Sharyn’s chick flicks than do it. I’ll get there in the end though. I’m sure.

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