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Junk Boat Trip

Images of us sailing along the ocean wave surrounded by housewold garbage and human waste were immediately put aside as our nice big motor boat type thing came into port in to Central Pier No. 9.
Under the serene gaze of my favourite building and a clear blue sky we set off on our salty sea jaunt.

(oh, by the way, I know a guy who works on the 77th floor of the IFC2 and he said I could go up and visit him any time, which is awesome as it is not open to tourists)

So we set off out of central and headed east following Hong Kong island’s coastline in the direction of Po Toi a small island lying to the south where we would grab some lunch.

One of the Star Ferrys crossing Victoria Harbour from Hong Kong island towards Kowloon.

Our friend who arranged the whole trip works for…….I’ll let you figure it out.

Sharyn and our friend Kiki.

Not the first image to come to mind when thinking of Hong Kong.

Our lunch destination on Po Toi!

Max chose this time to lie his sandy wet body across me at this point. He ignored me afterwards.

I had never eaten so much seafood in my life. Sharyn survived on two nice tofu dishes. I ate clams, squid, shrimp, some little seashell with gloop inside, beef (not seafood I know) and a nice bowl of rice with prawns through. And I didn’t feel sick after it all either (12 hours later and still no effects so giddy up and kudos to the chef)!

After lunch the boat brought us to a little secluded inlet where all the swimmers dived in while all the non-swimmers lounged in the sun and drank some more. Max enjoyed his swim too.

But he was tired after it all

So then we headed back the way we came, got lovely and bouncy for quite some time. I don’t know why I love it so much as I would be the first one to perish if we sank.

Heading back into Central the sun was setting and gave us some nice views.

Passing by one of the many cruises that stop by Hong Kong. Possibly going to Japan or Taiwan to name but a few.

A beautiful ending.

And a friend to welcome us back:

There are tons more pictures on my Facebook account so if you haven’t joined the revolution on there, do so!

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