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Everything has become normal now and I find it hard to write about stuff very frequently.

I still double-take, I still stare at the environment around me but tourist mode is over and its get busy livin’ or get busy dying, damn straight.

So, we look forward to the weekends extremely. Last weekend after a night in Friday, I played footy and then we went to a BBQ where we met some more new people. We are going on a junk boat trip this Sunday from 11am to around 7 with some of the same people and some more. This involves chillin’, chatting, drinkin’ and eating. We dock up at some island at some point for lunch. I will bestow upon you all with a detailed route map after we set foot on dry land again. But it will be good i’m thinking (the boat trip, not the map).

Third footy game on Saturday so won’t do much tomorrow night, must get pics this time. Will wear my Chinglish named shirt and see what happens. I think I’m from the Baltic region now by default because of the amount of consonants I have one after the other.

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