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Choppin’ brocolli…

That was the best title I could come up with and only 3 people will get it.

Yes, we went to a pretty basic eatery tonight which only had chopsticks so we knew we were localling it up.

I have developed the softly softly approach to picking up food with chopsticks and it seems to work. I don’t know Sharyn’s technique but it gets in the mouth somehow. Food was very filling and we couldn’t finish it all.
We also found a store that sells all of Sharyn’s home foods that she misses dearly so that was lovely.
I’ll keep on buying squid liver and packets of fish eyeballs at any old shop.

So on the big screens around the city and outside any tv shop, loads of people will stop and watch whatever is showing from the Olympics  (usually involving China team). Quite a communal gathering but not much cheering; I was wondering if they  were for China at all…hmmm I don’t know?

Everywhere you walk around Causeway Bay and Hong Kong city streets in general there are people trusting pamphlets and flyers at you. This guy (or gal) went one further. I would die of the heat within 10 seconds of donning that outfit.

We had to walk the street so we could smoke our apartment for bugs. We’re not over-run by any means but there’s a few little guys in the bathroom. They were still there after 3 hours of death smoke so they obviously couldn’t care less. So I sprayed the bathroom floor with a can of insect spray. Interesting huh?

There are two views of our school building on my facebook album.

It’s so hot and humid walking outside of school even for a few minutes from room to room. It’s not pretty. I want it to rain. There I said it.

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Work, work, workity, work

We have a long day on work days.
I have just realised how many hours more I am at work than ISD (by the way we are going up the alphabet in regards to the last letter, people).
Sharyn is a nutter and wakes up at 5:40, so no change there then.
I get up at 6:20 or 6:30 depending on shower procedures. I got up at 7:45 in Germany.

Kids leave school here at 3:30, but with other stuff we have to do, we have to stay until 4:30. And, by God, we are gone when that time rolls around. I stayed sometimes until 4:30 in Germany, most times until 4.
Yup, big difference. Big chunk of the day. I suppose it will make us value our holidays even more.

I like the signs around Hong Kong. Not any of the current ones with English stuff on them but the authentic Cantonese signs usually advertising places were you can eat eels and cows’ tendons. Some glow, some don’t. I think I have found another boring hobby to keep up.
In fact, I have just started carrying my camera with me everywhere after a long lapse. So here, have some and there will also be an album on Facebook.

I like Tsing Tao beer. Some dude always brings some little cans of it in an ice box to drink after footy on a Sunday. Very grateful. This sign translates as: “Drink Tsing Tao Beer! Buy 24 and get a free Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube-Man!”

I don’t know if the shadow makes it better or crap. You decide. This is one of the light up variety. Oh yes.

As you might have told from these, they were taken out of a bus with no planning whatsoever.

My next photo project is two dogs we meet every morning at 7am. They are two little shitzus and after a few mornings passing by them and their two owners, we are now on “Good Morning” greetings terms (with the women not the dogs). It makes my morning a little bit happier seeing the little hairy panting fellas ( I know a few human varieties that can go by that description). Hehe. So I aim to photograph them so I can get that happy feeling all day! Watch this spaaaaace. Or not. As I may be thrown in prison for doing so.

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While we are waiting…

Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!)

Anyhue, I just came back from carrying our new computer through the crowded streets of Causeway Bay. Lovely.
I won’t be setting it up until I’m finished doing an assignment on this laptop, which I need to finish tonight and not be typing this post up!
But I don’t want this to end up like 99.9999% of all blogs and was determined to write something up.
Work is in full swing now, I won’t go into too much details on this blog. That would be unprofessional, oh yes.
We are meeting new people both inside and outside of work, which is great. Not entirely into the full swing of eating nicely yet but we need time to settle into the swing of things. Ikea furniture has just been assembled aswell and my hands bare the scars and the furniture bare my scars. Bloody Swedish.

My football is going well. Have played twice in a fun kickaround and scored 5. So we are now going to join a league and I am automatic choice up front. Hope I can bang them in when the league kicks off. Think I can to be honest. PMA. We play another fun fixture this Sunday then next Saturday at 8am(!) we start the league.

Drinks after work tomorrow with the staff, should be fun. It’s 2 for 1 happy hour in a certain bar!

Giddy Up and expect pics and more updates once the computer is setup.

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Ok so no pics or anything fancy yet as I am a grabbing wireless from somewhere and I’m balanced on a window ledge to do so (on the inside).

Move went well, boxes arrived and unpacked. Happy it is furnished as the amount of stuff we have to buy is immense.

Today was supposed to be our first day at work but there was a Storm Warning Number 8 issued and when that happens nobody goes to work, woohoo. It wasn’t really that bad, and we went out walking along quiet streets to do some shopping but of course nothing was open apart from our supermarket. Then we grabbed lunch in a Ruby Tuesday’s and 20 bored waiters were more than happy to see the crazy westerners out and about in the storm (which manifested itself as a nice blustery wind as we walked around).

The storm will pass and we will be at work tomorrow. We still need to get tv and internet sorted, hopefully within the week.

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Sooo, tomorrow we move into our new apartment in Causeway Bay, thank you (insert deity here).

This is the outside of the building which has only 4 people outside it when taken, which is rare. When you go in you go up an escalator to a landing where a Japanese Restuarant resides along with a  Spa treatment place. Head in through the double doors in front of you and you’re in our building foyer, which is like a hotel basically. It’s pretty nice and modern looking. You would walk past the building in a heartbeat though. I did.

Beside us is Yee Wo Street which is very busy and is a street that turns into Hennessy Road which runs for miles through the heart of Wan Chai bar and restaurant district and on to Central. Scenes like this are common around where we will be living:

So Friday we went on a bus ride up to the Peak to see the views from on high. I can’t believe people live up there, they obviously want to be (insert deity here) looking down on everybody. You can see all the photos on Facebook (if you are my friend there). But here’s a video and a few pics. It was a bit windy so most of Sharyn’s enlightened commentary is inaudible.

You can see my IFC2 skyscraper reaching up higher than anyone else in the left backround-ish.

After that we had a few drinks, met up with a few guys I had met a few weeks ago.  And, yeah, it was the latest I’ve (we’ve) been out until so far. Yikes. And I had a nice kebab to finish up with too. Result!

Then last night we went to see Cameroon, USA, Ivory Coast and Holland Olympic football teams play in Hong Kong Stadium. Cameroon v USA was crap. Ivory and Dutch was slightly better. Not a lot of people there but stadium is pretty nice. Got to see Brian McBride, Roy Makaay, Solomon Kalou and Ryan Babel. Kalou was the best of a mediocre bunch.

That brings us up to today in which I played some football. Yipppeeeeeee! It was hard work in the heat but everyone was in same boat so I didn’t feel too bad. The standard, I felt, wasn’t quite up to the ISD twice weekly guys and I scored two goals to open my Asian Football career in a pretty low scoring affair (due to poor finishing by the youngsters on the team). Will have to give them some coaching 😉
The guys have joined up to a League starting in about 3 weeks time so I think I’m on board….

Ok well depending on how long it takes to get cable setup in new digs…watch this space.

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