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It was a hot and humid morning in Happy Valley Racecourse. And I never felt the sun burning my face and arms as I played 70 minutes of total football.

First half ended 0-0 with a few chances going begging for yours truly with the misspelled name on the back of my shirt.

But come the second half, a delightful through ball from midfield saw the ball on the ground on my weaker right foot. Under  the pressure of the centre back I angled the ball into the far left corner of the goals. As the centre back fell on top of me I did not see the ball go in but I heard the roars from my team mates and knew it hit the net. Giddy up! The confidence soaring, we went on to score another from midfield. Then I scored one from in the box again, but this time with my left. Then another shot from me was parried by the goalie and one of our players snapped it up.

So 6th place for us and a good boost to get a win and to go on to next week.

I’m gonna keep my misspelled shirt.

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