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All kinds of everything..

As the majority of our time now is spent at work it is becoming extremely difficult to not talk about it on here. But I won’t or else my Hong Kong career here may be very short (or very long, you decide).

I have a few pics to show though from last Friday. There’s a very cheap trend to take part in in Lan Kwai Fong (which is an area of bars) and that is to buy a couple of cheap cans of beer in a 7-11 and drink them outside. It’s great fun! And very social!

That’s Sam, a guy I play footy with, and his wife Laura. All enjoying a nice cheap beer out on the streets. One step away from being a hobo. Can’t wait.

Another little thing that people line up to get their photo taken with in Lan Kwai Fong is this:

Yes riveting stuff and one of the highlights of a stay in Hong Kong. Must see attraction!

So we play our 2nd footy league game tomorrow. Did I happen to mention we lost our first game 5-0? No? Strange that.

We have got custom made shirts with our own logos and names on the back, because we are nerds. Of course out of 36 mine is the only one spelled wrong. A photo will be up here within a day or two. They said they will change it though.

Oh as an end to all this randomness, the day after the typhoon last week, the city was crazy. And the view of a mini bus line from our window summed the business up.

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