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Date Temperature oC Weather
Minimum Maximum
26 Aug
( Tue )
27 33 Fine and very hot.
Fine and very hot.
27 Aug
( Wed )
28 33 Fine and very hot.
Fine and very hot.
28 Aug
( Thu )
28 32 Fine.
29 Aug
( Fri )
28 32 Fine.
30 Aug
( Sat )
28 32 Mainly fine.
Mainly fine.
31 Aug
( Sun )
28 32 Sunny periods.
Sunny periods.
01 Sep
( Mon )
27 31 Sunny periods and a few showers.
Sunny periods and a few showers.

That’s it. Simple as that. And not the DeNiro/Pacino movie either.

Humidity+The sun x Work= Hell on earth squared.

I am finding it horribly uncomfortable these days in school. A few minutes out supervising recess or arrival and my back and front of my shirt/t-shirt becomes but a curtain for Niagara falls. Lovely. I don’t smell though, which is a plus.
Everyone feels the heat and complains about it but none of them seem to display their “feelings” as succinctly as I do.
Well, whatever, I’ll think of something, maybe I’ll wear a barrel with shoulder straps. Would be less embarrassing.

Speaking of embarrassing, we lost 5-0 in our first league match on Saturday. We played well in first half but messed up in second half. Next game on Saturday, will go into it with a fighting spirit!

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