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This amp goes up to 11

Another title that may be known only by a few people..

Thought Force 8 as explained below was top of the pops? Think again. We are force 9 people.
“Gale or storm force wind is increasing or expected to increase significantly in strength.”http://www.hko.gov.hk/

So we got the day off of work as at 6am it was still force 3 but the HK observatory said they would be upping it to force 8 by 8am. Emails didn’t come out quickly enough from school for a few people who travelled over an hour to school to find it shut.

But yet again, at 5pm here at home, we are yet to see anything remotely related to the warning given. Few rain downpours and not even that heavy. Bit of a letdown really. People are still walking around down there.

So, Sharyn decided she would do a little tour of our little apartment for you all to gape in horror to see how small of a place it is.

Here we are sitting on our main room’s window ledge.

And here is Sharyn’s tour of the manor.

So I’m hoping that my footy is on tomorrow morning and not rained out, we will have to see…

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