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Choppin’ brocolli…

That was the best title I could come up with and only 3 people will get it.

Yes, we went to a pretty basic eatery tonight which only had chopsticks so we knew we were localling it up.

I have developed the softly softly approach to picking up food with chopsticks and it seems to work. I don’t know Sharyn’s technique but it gets in the mouth somehow. Food was very filling and we couldn’t finish it all.
We also found a store that sells all of Sharyn’s home foods that she misses dearly so that was lovely.
I’ll keep on buying squid liver and packets of fish eyeballs at any old shop.

So on the big screens around the city and outside any tv shop, loads of people will stop and watch whatever is showing from the Olympics  (usually involving China team). Quite a communal gathering but not much cheering; I was wondering if they  were for China at all…hmmm I don’t know?

Everywhere you walk around Causeway Bay and Hong Kong city streets in general there are people trusting pamphlets and flyers at you. This guy (or gal) went one further. I would die of the heat within 10 seconds of donning that outfit.

We had to walk the street so we could smoke our apartment for bugs. We’re not over-run by any means but there’s a few little guys in the bathroom. They were still there after 3 hours of death smoke so they obviously couldn’t care less. So I sprayed the bathroom floor with a can of insect spray. Interesting huh?

There are two views of our school building on my facebook album.

It’s so hot and humid walking outside of school even for a few minutes from room to room. It’s not pretty. I want it to rain. There I said it.

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