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Work, work, workity, work

We have a long day on work days.
I have just realised how many hours more I am at work than ISD (by the way we are going up the alphabet in regards to the last letter, people).
Sharyn is a nutter and wakes up at 5:40, so no change there then.
I get up at 6:20 or 6:30 depending on shower procedures. I got up at 7:45 in Germany.

Kids leave school here at 3:30, but with other stuff we have to do, we have to stay until 4:30. And, by God, we are gone when that time rolls around. I stayed sometimes until 4:30 in Germany, most times until 4.
Yup, big difference. Big chunk of the day. I suppose it will make us value our holidays even more.

I like the signs around Hong Kong. Not any of the current ones with English stuff on them but the authentic Cantonese signs usually advertising places were you can eat eels and cows’ tendons. Some glow, some don’t. I think I have found another boring hobby to keep up.
In fact, I have just started carrying my camera with me everywhere after a long lapse. So here, have some and there will also be an album on Facebook.

I like Tsing Tao beer. Some dude always brings some little cans of it in an ice box to drink after footy on a Sunday. Very grateful. This sign translates as: “Drink Tsing Tao Beer! Buy 24 and get a free Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube-Man!”

I don’t know if the shadow makes it better or crap. You decide. This is one of the light up variety. Oh yes.

As you might have told from these, they were taken out of a bus with no planning whatsoever.

My next photo project is two dogs we meet every morning at 7am. They are two little shitzus and after a few mornings passing by them and their two owners, we are now on “Good Morning” greetings terms (with the women not the dogs). It makes my morning a little bit happier seeing the little hairy panting fellas ( I know a few human varieties that can go by that description). Hehe. So I aim to photograph them so I can get that happy feeling all day! Watch this spaaaaace. Or not. As I may be thrown in prison for doing so.

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