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While we are waiting…

Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!)

Anyhue, I just came back from carrying our new computer through the crowded streets of Causeway Bay. Lovely.
I won’t be setting it up until I’m finished doing an assignment on this laptop, which I need to finish tonight and not be typing this post up!
But I don’t want this to end up like 99.9999% of all blogs and was determined to write something up.
Work is in full swing now, I won’t go into too much details on this blog. That would be unprofessional, oh yes.
We are meeting new people both inside and outside of work, which is great. Not entirely into the full swing of eating nicely yet but we need time to settle into the swing of things. Ikea furniture has just been assembled aswell and my hands bare the scars and the furniture bare my scars. Bloody Swedish.

My football is going well. Have played twice in a fun kickaround and scored 5. So we are now going to join a league and I am automatic choice up front. Hope I can bang them in when the league kicks off. Think I can to be honest. PMA. We play another fun fixture this Sunday then next Saturday at 8am(!) we start the league.

Drinks after work tomorrow with the staff, should be fun. It’s 2 for 1 happy hour in a certain bar!

Giddy Up and expect pics and more updates once the computer is setup.

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