Archive for August 6th, 2008

Ok so no pics or anything fancy yet as I am a grabbing wireless from somewhere and I’m balanced on a window ledge to do so (on the inside).

Move went well, boxes arrived and unpacked. Happy it is furnished as the amount of stuff we have to buy is immense.

Today was supposed to be our first day at work but there was a Storm Warning Number 8 issued and when that happens nobody goes to work, woohoo. It wasn’t really that bad, and we went out walking along quiet streets to do some shopping but of course nothing was open apart from our supermarket. Then we grabbed lunch in a Ruby Tuesday’s and 20 bored waiters were more than happy to see the crazy westerners out and about in the storm (which manifested itself as a nice blustery wind as we walked around).

The storm will pass and we will be at work tomorrow. We still need to get tv and internet sorted, hopefully within the week.

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