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Sooo, tomorrow we move into our new apartment in Causeway Bay, thank you (insert deity here).

This is the outside of the building which has only 4 people outside it when taken, which is rare. When you go in you go up an escalator to a landing where a Japanese Restuarant resides along with a  Spa treatment place. Head in through the double doors in front of you and you’re in our building foyer, which is like a hotel basically. It’s pretty nice and modern looking. You would walk past the building in a heartbeat though. I did.

Beside us is Yee Wo Street which is very busy and is a street that turns into Hennessy Road which runs for miles through the heart of Wan Chai bar and restaurant district and on to Central. Scenes like this are common around where we will be living:

So Friday we went on a bus ride up to the Peak to see the views from on high. I can’t believe people live up there, they obviously want to be (insert deity here) looking down on everybody. You can see all the photos on Facebook (if you are my friend there). But here’s a video and a few pics. It was a bit windy so most of Sharyn’s enlightened commentary is inaudible.

You can see my IFC2 skyscraper reaching up higher than anyone else in the left backround-ish.

After that we had a few drinks, met up with a few guys I had met a few weeks ago.  And, yeah, it was the latest I’ve (we’ve) been out until so far. Yikes. And I had a nice kebab to finish up with too. Result!

Then last night we went to see Cameroon, USA, Ivory Coast and Holland Olympic football teams play in Hong Kong Stadium. Cameroon v USA was crap. Ivory and Dutch was slightly better. Not a lot of people there but stadium is pretty nice. Got to see Brian McBride, Roy Makaay, Solomon Kalou and Ryan Babel. Kalou was the best of a mediocre bunch.

That brings us up to today in which I played some football. Yipppeeeeeee! It was hard work in the heat but everyone was in same boat so I didn’t feel too bad. The standard, I felt, wasn’t quite up to the ISD twice weekly guys and I scored two goals to open my Asian Football career in a pretty low scoring affair (due to poor finishing by the youngsters on the team). Will have to give them some coaching 😉
The guys have joined up to a League starting in about 3 weeks time so I think I’m on board….

Ok well depending on how long it takes to get cable setup in new digs…watch this space.

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