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So after a few hectic days of doing stuff we had to do we decided to just stay at home and only venture out to the corner restaurant for dinner. It was needed.
We took about 30 bus trips on Tuesday and Wednesday combined. Getting Hong Kong IDs and getting medical done. And then going to school to get Sharyn a laptop. God it really is annoying not having our own place yet but Monday is the day we move and it couldn’t come any sooner.
I will say, though, I really enjoy the bus trips around the city as I love all the buildings and the various street scenes. I have forgotten my camera a lot recently as actually doing stuff was on my mind but I am trying to take it with me wherever I go now as I have missed quite a few nice shots.

These buildings are near our school, the ones on the right are all empty; I really would like to know what the story is with them. The ones on the left are one of the most expensive apartments on the island; Bel-Air. But you’re in the middle of nowhere with little amenities beside you so I wouldn’t like to live there, although it would be a five minute walk to school. The holes? A place for residents to chill and a Feng Shui hole for dragons to fly through and drink from the sea. I am not joking.

One of the buildings I love is IFC2. If you have seen The Dark Knight you will recognise it. It is around the 13th tallest building in the world and it stands out from all the other buildings; one because it’s out on it’s own reclaimed little patch of land and two because it’s sleek and silver and fantastically tall. I love it and will take different angles of it at any oppurtunity.

It’s the one on the left

So what else? We went to an outlet mall out on Tung Chung on Lantau Island, I think I was more successful than Sharyn strangely enough. I got a pair of Nike Total90 footy shoes (dimples not studs) size 9 for 15 euros!! Couldn’t quite believe it. Other tops/shirts and trousers were ok priced but nothing compared to that bargain.

So what’s next? Nothing crazy planned. tomorrow we will hunt around for a charger for Sharyn’s Nokia. Exciting! If we are successful then we will go get her a  SIM card and probably one for me too as my mate Ian is actually coming back to work another year and he will prob want his SIM card back that I am using!
I will take my camera.

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