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Sizzling? You bloody got it!
I’m burnt from spending a day at Deep Water Bay today. I had lotion on but that was just a Clevelander recommended oil meant to make you a walking lobster or if you’re of a better skin disposition a more lovelier teak colour.
Lovely couple of hours spent there though, nice little beach with very few people.

There is a luxurious golf course across the road from the beach which I would have to break into and dress up as a rich person with a top hat and tails. Membership fees are astronomical so I hear.
There is a less salubrious Thai food shack on the beach in which I had a bowl of chicken skin (it only said chicken on the menu) in curry and potatoes and rice. Was edible and I am still alive hours later.
Sharyn had slim pickings and had to order Veggie Spring rolls, so she wanted two servings of 4. So she said she wanted 8. She got 4 chopped in half.

More of the same weather tomorrow, we will take a bus to Central and get the MTR to Lantau Island (Tung Chung). I will play a bit of footy there from 3 to 6 while Sharyn browses the outlet mall there. I say a bit of footy because I doubt I will play anywhere near past a running pace.

We both go into school on Monday to talk about what is required from us this school year. Should be fun!

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