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So we have signed the papers on an apartment in Causeway Bay. It’s in the heart of shopping, shopping and more shopping. It really is very convenient to everything. 1 minute walk to Causeway Bay underground metro stop and walkable to Wan Chai bar and restaurant area.
There are a good few restaurants around our area and a few bars that partake in happy hours every day so that is all good. Really looking forward to being in the city as Ian’s apartment just is not convenient for going out or even for buying food.
Only downside is that we have to wait to move in on August 4th as the landlords who are moving out go by the Feng Shui of moving out on the 3rd as that is good for….I don’t know what, everlasting peace and happiness, maybe. Hope it sprinkles on to us a little bit then.

I’m gonna play football in the heat on Sunday and from this side of the island I will have to leave probably an hour and a half before kick off. Will be less of a hassle when I move.

We’ve also been invited to dinner tonight with the school director and 16 other newbies. Her apartment must be bloody huge. Which is some feat in this city. Will be interesting to see what other characters are starting out too. Hoping for some fun peeps who are up for a few laughs and beers! Yeahhhhh…

Everything a-ok with my bank now, even internet banking. Just got to get Sharyn through that all now.
We both also have appointments next Tuesday to get the application process a-started for our Hong Kong identity cards, which is important!

Oh and 4 Olympic soccer teams are playing a little mini tournament here in two weekends time so will be buying a few tickets to see USA v Cameroon and Holland v Ivory Coast. Should be fun enough. A few well known youngsters playing for each team.

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