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Hello again father, it’s been 3 days since my last confession…ooops sorry, wrong sort of confessional.

Anyway, I’m writing this when I should be finishing my assignment but I’m 8 hours ahead of the UK so I have more time. Hahaha the fools!

Anyhue I don’t have any more photos because I have been stressed out too much to hold a camera. I’m in between estate agents and bank people and I don’t know whats going on. First the bank says there’s something missing from my account and the money I transferred from Germany won’t be allowed but true to their word they rang me today and said it’s all ok now and now you can transfer money from Germany. So now I have to wait and see if my first attempt failed and the money goes back into Germany or will it come here. Arrghhh!
So now it’s time for estate agents to look for money and deposits and contracts. Whatever. I like to sing or hum nonsensically at times like this.

Sooo the Notes From a Small Island Part!

Wildlife of Honkers:
Ooooh ooooh i have a photo I took a few days after I arrived, I heard a little cleunnk on the window and saw this little guy! Reminded me of The Mist! Isn’t he cool, like a flying leaf!
Don’t worry Shaz he’s one of the few insects i have seen funnily enough, but they’re out there Jerry and they’re looooving every minute of it!

On the subject of the local wildlife, there are fantastic butterflies here, haven’t managed to take a shot of them but they are great and really big. Oooohh and I saw a couple of Cockatoos flying around, so great seeing these beautiful birds flying around when I’m used to seeing them in cages.
Also, there are eagles hovering overhead everywhere you go, even in the city. You think you’re seeing an airplane in the corner of your eye but it’s one of these fantastic massive eagles. They fly pretty close to the windows here in Ian’s apartment and you can see them doing little corrections to their tail aerilons (forgive me Chris if that is the wrong terminology!).
Cockroach count = 1 and that was in a dodgy enough area of town ( I think it was called Roach Alley). He was minding his own business.

People of Honkers:
Nice! Coming from a nation of starers (take a bow Germany) I was expecting the same here as we stand out like a big white sore thumb. I have looked up in numerous bus situations, a bit aware of my ghost like form,  and nobody gives a flying feck about me and I’ve been the only white guy on most of the busses! It’s great they don’t care, they’re used to us all by now! Long live Honkers peoples’ apathy towards me! Shop people have been courteous aswell, never far from a smile. The thing is they know we don’t speak Cantonese, it’s there for all to see, it wasn’t like that in Germany you could hide from the truth. So at least you know where you stand from the off. When two old women sat down on a bench next to me in a park it was all toothless smiles and then when I got up to go, I said a cheery bye bye and they responded in kind. Lovely. Off I trotted into a lampost. Not really.

Weather in Honkers:
After a week of rain and dark clouds sunny spells are back and with that unbelievable heat and humidity and it looks like it will stay that way. I walk close to shop doors on the pavements to get the icy blast of air conditioners for a split second. But guess what? Honkers people can’t stand the heat either! I’ve seen people more sweaty than I am and using an umbrella for shade. I laugh at umbrella! Then I faint from heatstroke.

So I’m sure I will have more notes in the near future. I have a few plans for the weekend and it’s all through geoexpat.com. I will meet up with a few complete strangers in a billiards bar tomorrow evening to shoot some pool and start a bar fight. Then sunday at 1pm there is a footy game arranged somewhere on Lantau Island. So all depending on how successful Saturday is I will do the footy or I won’t. In this heat the prospect is daunting to say the least.


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