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Yeahhh it’s my first Amber Rain alert and add onto that like a cherry on top of a crap sundae a Thunderstorm alert too!

And sitting inside it’s a joy to behold.
Loud loud thunder with blinding flashes of lightening and the rain is a wall.

So I’ve finished my assignment but I have another for the 17th oh well.

I gotta get outta this apartment tomorrow, weather permitting, to do some exploring. Try to get some sort of bearings in the city as I walked around in a circle a few nights ago; which was a strange experience.

My wallet at this stage is getting to George Costanza-esque proportions with the addition of the estate agent’s business cards.
They don’t shake hands they produce their card like the lost treasure of Atlantis in two hands which you, to be polite, accept with two hands also. It’s kinda cool, I should have made up a card to give to them; Shady Pete – Professional Swindler of Estate Agents.

Cantonese for Beginners: What I have needed so far

hi/lo hau/hello = Hello. What else.

m goi = Thank You : There are two ways of saying Thank You but you as the customer mostly would say m goi, the worker thanks you for your custom will say Doh Je, which is the other Thank You. Confused? You don’t have to be, you’re not here!!

hah goh tsam m goi = Next Stop Thank you! = You need this on Mini Buses which you invariably use in Hong Kong. There are no little bells to ring: you say the line, the driver holds out his arm to the left to signify he heard you (or else none of the buses’ indicators I have been on have been working), and off you hop. Lovely.

Bye Bye = Bye Bye

I haven’t learned anything else but will probably need to learn “No I just walk like this because my wallet is stuffed with business cards”

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