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Apartment hunting wise that is. I now have to wait until Wednesday to look at an apartment I saw today sans the chaps that live there with all their junk. Two bedrooms not too bad size wise and in the very midst of things in Causeway Bay. They took me to another apartment which was the exact same size but higher and already rented out just to get an idea of the size. The apartment is right here. Short enough walk away from a nice big park.

The other apartment is in a quieter part of  Causeway Bay but still in the heat of the action. It’s only one bedroom and a tad small but the landlord is really nice and he has redesigned the flat to maximise space and the like. It’s a tough call and in all likelihood this one will be gone by the time I look at the other one on Wednesday.

Well that’s that update.

This ones for Tim!

Well I laughed. Quietly.

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