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I’m dead, Horatio

One of the few lines I remember from Hamlet, but I digress.

I am dead a little bit, left flat at 10am today got back at 9:30pm; a day of walking, flat looking and more walking. 15 flats down maybe 1 or 2 a go-er.

Anyway that’s boring, a few things I found funny.

ahahaaaaahaa I see what they did there.
I didn’t go in, I prefer to imagine what is inside than to ever darken their doorstep.

*imagine me doing a Peter Griffin tittergiggle when coming upon this. oops pardon.

Anyhue, in Victoria Park there is a statue of the loveable rogue-ess herself. I took a pic only for the comedic value.

ah yes there she is, regal, proud, staunch in her beliefs, proud to be…hold on a second…..!

*cue Peter Griffin tittergiggle, comedic trumpet soundbite, or a plain old wah-wah-wahhhhhhhhhhh.
Well done HoboCat, I hope you find many a fish head tonight and dine well, in one instant you have belittled this tribute to the old royal wench!!

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