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Fal-da-ree Fal-da raaa!!

I think I have gone insane hence the title of this post.

I spent all day looking at apartments online and calling people who have very bad english (but fair play to them and all that!).
Some look nice but are not good for work transport. Seriously the school could not have picked a more un-connected piece of land in the entire island. And unless people from the future come back in time in the next few days and install People Pods* to beam us from one place to another instantaneously then I will still be going insane weighing up nice flats with bus routes. Crap.

So I got to see a few apartments tomorrow morning in the one complex and then over to the far side of the main city to see another apartment.
And we’ll all see how that turns out in the next exciting episode of HERGE’S…..ADVENTURES……….OF….CO…LIN!!

* People Pods is a registered trademark of Coltopia Enterprises – Creating a more convenient but less safer future for you!

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