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First of all I got this work laptop working by changing it’s MAC address to the same as Ian’s old laptop. Read somewhere that the cable company was a bit dodgy on multiple users on the same line. So result! And in your face I-Cable!

Secondly after a bit of a stress a lovely lady let me open up a HSBC bank account! Yippee!

Then I found some Doritos and Nestea and am gorging as we speak.

Yesterday, I went to see an apartment. Bit over our budget but was clean and fully furnished. Will email agent later and see if landlord will go down in price.
I am setting tomorrow aside to scout out another area on a bus route to school. Quite a few furnished apartments available and within our budget just have to see what the quality is like.

After looking at apartment I took it upon myself to walk around in the city, take a bus, take the metro and walk some more. I got a basic grasp of my surroundings and the crowds were not that bad at all, O’Connell Street, Dublin at it’s worst. There are big buildings, yes there are, but very nice big buildings. I walked through Victoria park with few people and a desolate promenade facing Kowloon and wondered how this is one of the most populated cities in the world. If I can get quiet times like this then that’s fine with me.

Anyway a few pics from my Skyscrapers of Downtown Hong Kong

Two international finance building
The Two International Finance Building-Tallest in Hong Kong-The Steve Snell of Honkers

Citibank Tower
Citibank Tower

And finally:

HSBC, Bank Of China, Cheung Kong Center
In front The Bank of China on the left battling with the fanastically blocky HSBC HQ and in the background the Cheung Kong Center. More to be found on the above facebook album link.

So after all the walking I headed to Soho and had a few beers. I miss people I know!
Tis strange being in a place where you know you know anybody.

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