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So I landed after watching 5 movies, 1 tv show and winning 1 million virtual euros on a who wants to be a millionaire game.

It has been hot weather since I got here. My internet situation is dire. Stealing somebody’s wireless as I type this as my friend who I am staying with has a 10 year old laptop running on pipe valves and ancient runes for keys. Nice view from his apartment though across from Aplei Chau across Aberdeen harbour to Aberdeen itself.

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Popped to the school the day after landing to get a laptop (which i can’t get working on the cable setup here, very annoying). Got ideas and stuff from the peeps there, they even gave me a lift back home! Probably thought I would end up in Vietnam or something.

Haven’t been here long enough to fully see everything but Hong Kong is very suprising. You never see photos in guide books of the greenery and the beaches that I have seen on the south side. Below pic is from Stanley on the south side which could be anywhere in Spain (ie. a row of bars/restuarants along a lovely broadwalk overlooking a cove). Saw my first apartment there but transport would be way too long and hectic. If I do manage to get some sort of concrete internet I will put up youtubes of the rollercoaster of a ride there on the top deck of a doubledecker bus.

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Saw another apartment today which is in Aberdeen which is a good transport option for us. Fantastic views of harbour and with 3 brooms and 2 bathrooms was fantastic on paper. Unfortunately¬† landlords don’t believe in cleaning up, painting, or getting mould off the bathtubs before anyone comes to visit. If there was a excellent condition apartment in that building I would probably take it. Maybe.

So what’s on the agenda:

More apartment hunting
Opening a bank account

Suprising things about Hong Kong on first impressions:

It’s bloody big!
The ease of use of the Octopus card on every mode of transport. Even a little boat I got today!
It’s very green! At least on southside.
The Peak in the middle does peak up quite a long long way.
The height of the apartment buildings are mind boggling, but they’re not an eyesore they’re pretty cool to look at

Until the next time I can steal some wireles. Adios Muchachos.

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